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Navarathri Golu Contest

                                                                          Dear friends,

                                                                                       Its time to memorialize the festival of colors, Light, Music, culture and food. Yes, Friends, Raaba media’s Eventszindia proudly presents the Navarathri Golu Contest 2018. Not just some selfies and photographs.  Make your Golu memorable with Raaba Media

Contest Rules:

  • Arrange your Golu as per rule and keep it ready

  • We will be at your doorstep along with our judges for the video coverage to upload and publish in YouTube 

  • 3, 9, 11 or 21 steps? Whatever it may be, Show up your creativity to make your Golu arrangement and dolls clear with the unique presentation; Originality of the Theme & Traditional Takeaways.

  • Explain the "Theme" of your Golu and about Golu.

  • If there is any special in your GOLU please explain that too.

  • The judges will visit your homes and judge the arrangement based on parameters like creativity, theme innovation, and traditional takeaways, among others.

  • Winners will be felicitated in front of celebrities by attractive prizes and chances to work in televisions and cinemas if you are willing  at a function to be held at Raaba media campus


“It’s not just Winning. It’s all about the efforts to reach it out! All the Best Friends.”

Happy Navaratri 

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